Best Jump Rope for Boxing [2022 Fitness Guide]

Excellent cardiovascular fitness is essential to success in boxing. Jumping rope delivers an intense cardio workout while also working muscles essential to boxing, which is why the jump rope is a staple of every fighter’s routine. Of course, not all ropes are created equal, and you want to make sure you get the best jump rope for boxing. A great rope is going to provide an excellent workout as well as help build up your skills with those crossovers and double unders.

What to Look for in a Jump Rope

You’re not playing double-dutch in the driveway anymore. Jumping rope for boxing is serious business and you need a jump rope that can keep up with the demands of the sport. With the right rope, you may even get on Floyd Mayweather’s level (although we can’t promise a 50-0 record).

There are several factors that make a great boxing jump rope. Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for.


Have you ever tried to skip rope, only to find the rope keeps getting tangled around itself? It’s no fault of yours. That’s simply bad rope design. When you’re training for boxing you need a jump rope that will stay tangle-free for as long as you’re training.

Some of the best jump ropes incorporate a ball-bearing design that allows for complete rotation and keeps the rope free of tangles. With a good quality rope, you’ll be able to pull off crossovers and even the hallowed double-crossover no problem.


Don’t let your rope hold you back! The right jump rope will be weighted to allow for slower speeds as you start out and a blinding pace once you’ve gone full Ivan Drago. To get the best workout, you’ll need a fast rope.

That old-fashioned leather jump rope may have a nice vintage look, but leather ropes are often too light to easily generate speed. Having a rope that’s too slow can lead to the frustrating feeling that you’re battling your jump rope throughout your workout, rather than finding the rhythm essential to jumping rope.

We recommend ropes made out of PVC-coated cable or at the very least PVC. These will provide the speed and responsiveness you need.


A jump rope needs to be the correct length for you to get the best out of your workout. If it’s too long, the jump rope will be unwieldy. If it’s too short, you’ll have to tuck your knees up to your chest just to jump over.

No two boxers are the same, and you’ll want a rope you can size to fit you perfectly. Some good ropes are adjusted once, while others allow for adjustments on the fly. Trust us, sizing a rope correctly works a lot better than putting knots in it, and is a lot better for the longevity of your jump rope.


Are you going to be using your jump rope exclusively in the gym or will you be taking it outside as well? You’ll want a jump rope that can stand up to repeated use, be tossed in a gym bag, and come out the other side none the worse for wear.

Nothing’s worse than settling into your skipping rhythm, building cardio fitness for the next time you hit the heavy bag or step in the ring, and then your jump rope cable snaps off at the handle. Boxing doesn’t require a lot of tools, but the ones you use need to be able to withstand punishment.

Cheap ropes with low-quality bearings have a tendency to damage cables at the handles. Fabric and leather jump ropes tend to become brittle or frayed with use. Steer clear of models like that.


The first thing I tell people who are looking to get into boxing is that you’re going to be jumping rope A LOT. There’s a reason it shows up in every training montage! The thing is, that jump rope is going to become your new best friend, so you need to feel good using it.

Pay close attention to the grips on a jump rope. Anything too large and soft has a tendency to become uncomfortable or soak up sweat during a workout. The best jump rope handles are relatively slim and either widen toward the end or have a non-slip handle coating. This allows you to keep a loose, relaxed grip and still hold onto the rope.

A rope that forces you to death grip it to hold it will encourage you to tense up, providing a worse jump rope workout.


After a bit of practice, jumping rope should feel natural, like jogging or riding a bike. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to have control of the rope. Heavier ropes, like the PVC-coated cable we mentioned earlier, can help give a sense of control. A well-weighted handle can also help you feel like you can direct the rope exactly how you want.

Beware of jump ropes with suspiciously light handles. You’ll want a little bit of heft to them.

Top 5 Jump Ropes for Boxing

Based on the criteria we’ve discussed above for finding the right jump rope, here are our top picks for the best boxing jump ropes.

Best Seller: WOD Nation Speed Rope

The WOD Nation speed rope is a high quality, durable choice. This rope is fast, comfortable, and comes with two cables, so you’re getting two jump ropes for the price of one! There’s a reason thousands of fitness enthusiasts have bought this rope and continue to recommend it. This is perfect for the daily punishment of hardcore boxing training.


  • Over 3,000 reviews, with almost 75% of them awarding 5 stars
  • Tangle-free ball bearing design
  • Tough cable great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Capable of very fast speeds


  • Cable has to be cut to adjust the length, which requires the use of tools

Top Rated: Fit Viva Deluxe High-Speed Jump Rope

Fit Viva entered the game with the goal of blowing the competition out of the water, and they’ve delivered on their promise. No tools are required to adjust this rope, making it a snap to set up. The design is smart, comfortable and durable. It’s built for long workouts. The silicone handles remain slip-resistant regardless of conditions, which is essential after you unwrap sweaty hands and cap off your sparring session with a rope routine.


  • Easy, secure adjustment
  • Comfortable grip throughout your workout, thanks to silicone handles
  • Responsive seller, willing to help with product issues


  • Higher price point than competitors

Best Value: NORACLAN Speed Jump Rope

No matter what budget you’re on, you can find a high-value speed rope. NORACLAN delivers a great speed rope with a free-rotating 360-degree ball bearing swivel design usually found at twice the price. Lend this to your sparring partner and we guarantee they’ll come back asking where you got such a good deal on a sweet, responsive speed rope.


  • High-quality speed rope design and materials at a great price
  • Knurled aluminum handles give great grip and responsiveness
  • Swivel ball-bearing design ensures rope stays twist-free


  • Comes with only 1 cable
  • Lighter than some other jump ropes

Boxer’s Pick: Rush Athletics Speed Rope

Rush athletics comes through with a classic speed rope in the style preferred by boxers for years. No bells and whistles. A lightweight, good rope that you can throw in a gym bag along with your gloves and hand wraps. Users tout the responsiveness and feel of this rope. If you find yourself struggling to get your double-unders and crossovers just right, this rope might just be the answer.


  • Top-notch rope feedback—great for developing rhythm and timing
  • Crafted in the style of ropes used by fighters from Mayweather to Pacquiao
  • Bright rope colors make rope spotting easy for beginners


  • Rope is PVC only, making it less durable than PVC-coated wire
  • Slightly slower than some other ropes

Champion Challenger: FitSkuad Speed Rope

FitSkuad is extremely devoted to product development. As a company, they provide great customer support and solicit feedback in order to keep improving. They guarantee their products with warranties that make investing in this rope a no-brainer. A great quality jump rope with a company that stands behind it? Well worth every penny.


  • 6-inch handles allow for a variety of grips and increased speed
  • Durability built to last for years
  • 1-year warranty and 120-day replacement guarantee


  • Adjustment screws may loosen under extreme use

The Best Boxing Jump Rope for You

Every boxer has their own style, from the bob-and-weave masterminds to Rocky Marciano’s delivery of the right hook. This individuality extends not only to your fighting style but your training style as well. You may find you prefer a heavier rope, or if cardio kicks your sweat glands into overdrive you may really love silicone handles on your rope.

While there is no one-size-fits-all speed rope for every fighter, and the list above gives you an array of high-quality options, we stand behind the WOD Nation Speed Rope. Before you ask, we don’t have a sponsorship deal with WOD Nation, but personal experience and the testimony of friends, workout partners, and thousands of consumers speak volumes.

For a durable, fast, comfortable speed rope that will progress with you and never wind up as a tangled mess, we recommend picking up the WOD Nation rope. You’ll be hitting new levels and mastering new rope techniques sooner than you ever thought possible.

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