Do Blender Bottles Work? [5 Hacks For Your Shaker Bottle]

Blender bottles are extremely useful for mixing protein shakes, pre-workout, and smoothies without a blender. The wire ball inside the Blender bottle makes mixing several ingredients as simple as adding ingredients to the cup and shaking. Make your life even easier by adding the liquid ingredients before adding powder. This will help you achieve a smooth, lump-free shake every time. Blender bottles are multi-purpose, easy to clean, and very good at thoroughly mixing your drink or smoothie of choice.

Do blender bottles work?

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Blender Bottle

Blender bottles are a fantastic meal hack tool. Add in a few tricks and you can make mixing drinks and cleaning your Blender bottle much easier. You’ll not only fall in love with your bottle once you use these hacks, but you’ll also reduce the time and effort it takes to mix your protein shakes, making it easy to go from working out right to refueling.

Add Liquids First

When mixing drinks in your Blender bottle, pour liquids into the cup before adding powdered ingredients. This prevents powder from clinging to the bottom and corners, which may happen if you add powder before the liquid.

  • Pour liquid ingredients into the cup first, followed by powders.
  • Shake to combine.
  • Adding liquids first prevents stubborn powder from collecting in the corners of the bottle.

By following the rule of adding liquids first, you allow the wire whisk ball to successfully mix smoothies and shakes with several ingredients. Nut butters, syrups, and soft fruits (such as bananas) can be added to the liquid and mixed in by giving your blender ball cup some quick shakes.

Conquer Clumps

Do your protein shakes retain stubborn, powdery clumps even when you use shaker cups? Sometimes, all that’s required is a little time. Simply place your full blender bottle into the refrigerator, wait 10 minutes, and then shake again. This method works to smooth out clumps even in the most resilient protein powders. Plus, refrigerating keeps your drinks cold and fresh.

Shake to Clean

When it comes time to clean your Blender bottle, it’s as easy as making a pre-workout smoothie. Simply fill the bottle halfway with hot water, add a drop of dish soap, close the lid, make sure it has a secure seal, and shake. The resulting sudsy soap will clean the bottle, the blender ball, and the interior of the lid all at once. Clean your bottle shortly after you finish your drink to prevent any old protein smells from building up inside.

Soak for a Deep Clean

It’s inevitable that every once in a while you’ll forget to rinse your Blender bottle right after a workout. If protein powder is left in a closed blender bottle for a couple of days, the smell can be pretty awful. If this happens to you, fully disassemble the Blender bottle and allow all the parts to soak in hot, soapy water for an hour. Then, scrub it with a sponge to return your blender bottle to a like-new smell and appearance. Or, if your shaker cups are dishwasher safe, wash them with your other dishes.

Good for More than Just Protein Shakes

A Blender bottle can be used for more than mixing pre-and post-workout drinks. Use your bottle to replace a blender or mixer for all types of foods. You can mix pancake batter, sauces, and iced coffee in your favorite shaker bottles. A protein shaker bottle is also great for whipping eggs for the perfect scramble. In many cases, it’s far more convenient than digging out a blender or a bowl and whisk.

Do You Need a Blender Bottle for Protein Shakes?

You can make protein shakes without a Blender bottle, but most other methods are far less efficient. An electric blender mixes protein shakes well, but it requires a power source and far more cleaning. You can also put the ingredients in a bottle without a blender ball and shake to mix, but you’re likely to end up with a lumpy protein shake.

  • Electric blenders can be used to make protein shakes.
  • A bottle without a blender ball can be used to make your shake, but it may retain protein chunks.
  • A blender bottle is the simplest and fastest way to make a protein shake.

There’s no beating a Blender bottle for versatility and ease of use. You can mix a protein shake on the go and will get smooth results every time. All this can be accomplished without plugging in a blender.

Can You Put Fruit in a Blender Bottle?

It’s a great idea to add fruit to your blender bottle smoothies. Slices of soft fruit, such as bananas and strawberries, can be blended entirely just by shaking your Blender bottle. Harder fruits, such as apples, won’t be blended by the blender ball, but you can still add them and mix some diced apples into your drink.

  • Add soft fruits (bananas, strawberries, blueberries) to your smoothie and shake to blend them.
  • Add diced hard fruits (apples, pears, mango) to your blender bottle drink and shake to mix them with the other ingredients.
  • For best results, slice or dice fruits before adding them to the blender bottle.

Although a Blender bottle will make short work of a sliced banana, it may be more difficult to puree a whole banana in a Blender bottle. When possible, slice or dice fruit before adding it to your Blender bottle smoothies.

Can You Put Hot Drinks in a Blender Bottle?

If you wish to put hot drinks in a Blender bottle, choose a glass Blender bottle. Glass bottles can handle hot drinks without damage. Putting hot liquids in a plastic shaker bottle can discolor the bottle or leave behind an odor.

  • Use a glass blender bottle, like this one, when mixing hot drinks.
  • Hot drinks can impart their odor or color to a plastic shaker bottle.
  • Most glass blender bottles are protected by a silicone boot, making them just as durable as plastic.

Choose a glass bottle with silicone or rubberized protective sleeve. This will protect the glass from damage. Besides being suitable for both hot and cold drinks, glass Blender bottles also don’t have the harmful chemicals contained in some plastic bottles.

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Do Shaker Bottles Work?

Shaker bottles work very well for mixing protein drinks, pre-workout shakes, and smoothies. The wire shaker ball contained in the bottle works like a built-in whisk. So, when you shake the sealed bottle, the wire ball helps combine all the ingredients into a smooth drink. If you’d like to start mixing protein smoothies and other healthy drinks without using an electric blender, it’s a great idea to trade in your standard water bottle for a shaker bottle.

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