Can You Deadlift Inside a Power Rack? [Home Gym Setup]

Almost all power racks are designed with deadlifts in mind. A barbell loaded with standard-sized plates—whether you’re using bumper plates or 45-pound iron plates—will not hit the lower cross member of the power rack at the bottom of your deadlift. This means that you can deadlift inside a standard power rack without your loaded barbell hitting the rack. Both your barbell and rack will be safe from damage.

Deadlift inside power rack?

Why Would You Need to Deadlift Inside a Power Rack?

If you have limited space in your home gym that prevents you from doing deadlifts outside your power rack, you may be wondering if it’s possible to perform deadlifts inside the cage. Although there is ample space at most public gyms, sometimes a home gym has to fit into a smaller area in a garage or basement. If this is your situation, have no fear. A high-quality power rack will allow you to deadlift inside of it.

How Do You Deadlift in a Power Cage?

If you must deadlift inside your power rack, adjust it so the loaded barbell does not hit the rack during the downward motion of the deadlift. You should remove any safety bars designed to catch the barbell during a failed squat or bench press. These bars are essential for other exercises but are a nuisance during deadlifts. If your power rack does not have removable safety bars, move them down to their lowest setting.

  • Remove any safety bars that are designed to stop a dropped barbell during squats or bench press.
  • If safety bars cannot be removed from your cage, move them down to their lowest setting.
  • Place weightlifting mats on either side of your power rack. This will protect your floor and make the bar rest higher when you set it down after a deadlift.
  • Consider a deadlifting platform that fits inside your rack so your feet are at the same height as the weight mats outside the cage.

It’s a good idea to put thick, rubber mats on either side of your power rack. This way, when you set down a barbell loaded with heavy iron, you won’t damage your floor. The mats have the added advantage of making the bar rest higher, making it certain the barbell will not hit the power rack. To ensure you maintain proper deadlift form, consider putting a platform inside the rack that is as tall as the mats outside the rack.

What is the Best Power Rack for Deadlifts?

When looking for a power rack that will allow you to deadlift inside of it, search for models that have completely removable safety bars. This will allow you to completely open up the sides of the rack, giving you the ability to deadlift without fear of banging your barbell on the rack.

  • Consider this power rack with removable safety bars. It won’t interfere with deadlifts.
  • This half-rack may provide more free space in your home gym, allowing you to deadlift without interference
  • A half-rack that allows you deadlift outside a rack allows for more varied foot placement. You can perform sumo deadlifts better outside a rack than inside one.
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If you have limited space in your home gym you may also consider purchasing a half-rack. This space-saving alternative to a traditional power rack allows you to safely squat, bench, and deadlift. However, it may give you enough space to deadlift without fear of hitting your power rack. A half-rack allows you to perform sumo deadlifts, sumo squats, and other wide-stance workouts that may be inhibited by a power rack.

Can You Deadlift in a Power Cage?

Most power racks for home use are designed with limited space in mind. This means they allow for adjustments so that you can perform conventional deadlifts inside the cage. If you’re unsure if a certain power rack model will allow for deadlifts without damaging your barbell, search for a cage that has fully removable safety bars. This level of adjustment will ensure you can deadlift without interference from the cage itself.

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