Perfect Pushup Elite Review: Best Home Gym Equipment

Do you want to maximize your chest development? Are you looking for more challenging exercises you can incorporate into your home workout routine? Read our Perfect Pushup Elite review to learn how it might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Perfect Pushup Elite

In this review, we’ll take a close look at what the Perfect Pushup Elite has to offer and determine whether it’s essential home gym equipment or not.

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What is the Perfect Pushup Elite?

The goal of the Perfect Pushup is to give you a workout which encourages good form, targets muscles more effectively, and keeps your joints safe. In order to deliver on this, the Perfect Pushup Elite offers a few features.

  • Rotating Handles
    • Built on a steel ball bearing design, the grip of the Perfect Pushup Elite rotates freely on the base. This allows your wrists to move from a thumbs-up position at the bottom of the push-up to a thumbs-in position at the top. This prevents wrist pain during push-ups and protects the shoulder joints.
  • No-Slip Base
    • The robust rubber base with its unique tread design provides more grip. The Perfect Pushup Elite is designed to be used on all surfaces. We tried it out on tile, wood, carpet, laminate, and finished concrete and it felt stable on all of these.
  • Comfortable Grip
    • The Perfect Pushup Elite has a sturdy, padded grip that feels like it would be at home in a bodybuilder’s gym. No flimsy materials here, which is something we really appreciate in home workout equipment.

Why Choose the Perfect Pushup Elite?

The main benefits of Perfect Pushup are that it adds a level of challenge to your push-up routine and it decreases pain and discomfort.

The Perfect Pushup is designed so you can surpass your current limits without fear of injury. You should definitely consider the Perfect Pushup Elite if any of the following apply to you:

  • You experience wrist pain during pushups.
  • You want to increase your chest size and strength.
  • You want to build shoulder muscles, especially on the front and sides of your shoulders.
  • You feel confident doing standard push-ups and are ready to take the next step in your fitness journey.
  • You want to maintain joint health and don’t want to miss workouts due to injury.
  • You want to build a complete calisthenics routine to maximize your body’s potential.

These are all great reasons to choose the Perfect Pushup. If you’re still at a beginner stage on regular push-ups you may want to transition into using the Perfect Pushup more gradually.

How Does the Perfect Pushup Elite Work?

The most important thing for us was to determine was not only if the perfect push-up came through on its promise to deliver a better workout but also if it was safe for overall health and fitness. Here’s what we found:

Better Muscle Engagement

When using the Perfect Pushup equipment you are forced to more fully engage your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles. This is accomplished in 2 ways:

  1. Due to the handle grip of the Perfect Pushup Elite, your body is forced to more fully use the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms to stabilize your body throughout the push-up. The sturdy, padded handles of the Perfect Pushup Elite make this grip feel natural.
  2. Because the Perfect Pushup Elite elevates your hands, it allows you to perform your push-ups more fully. At the bottom of a Perfect Pushup Elite, you can bring your chest down between your hands. This engages the chest and back muscles more than a standard push up, resulting in noticeable chest gains.

Natural Movement

At first glance, the Perfect Pushup form may seem strange. You might even wonder if it’s difficult to perform a push-up and rotate your wrists at the same time. However, when we tried it we found the pushup rotation felt more natural than a standard push-up. Here are a couple physiological reasons why.

  1. When moving weight (even your own bodyweight) the wrist and shoulder joint naturally rotate. This brings more muscles into play at the right time. By allowing this freedom of movement you’re encouraging crucial shoulder muscles to work, promoting development and moving strain away from your joints.
  2. When your wrists rotate to a thumbs-up position at the top of your push-up it allows you to keep your shoulder blades back more easily. This moves the effort of holding your weight onto upper back muscles instead of putting that strain on your shoulder joint, which is one of the most easily injured joints in the body.
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Perfect Pushup Elite vs. Regular Pushup

The standard push-up has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It’s a gym class favorite because it can be performed almost anywhere and doesn’t require equipment. How does the Perfect Pushup Elite stack up against this time-tested favorite?

The Form

Take a closer look at the Perfect Pushup form—you’ll see that it requires you to keep your wrists straight. In contrast, the old fashioned push-up that requires you to pronate your wrists and place your palms flat on the ground. Bending your wrists backward is one of the cardinal sins of any workout. Many upper body exercises, such as bench press and overhead press, warn against falling into this habit.

Simply put, bending your wrists backward during an exercise is the cause of wrist pain and injury, especially as difficulty increases. This is important to note if you’d like to add weight to your push-ups, such as through the use of a weighted vest.

Range of Motion

When performing a standard push-up you have a limit to how far you can go. Once your chest touches the floor, that’s it. Performing a standard push-up can be compared to performing a bench press with your back flat on the floor. You simply won’t be able to fully engage your muscles. This becomes especially apparent the wider your hand placement is. The thing is, that’s exactly the style of push-up that pinpoints the chest muscles.

The Perfect Pushup Elite essentially removes that range of motion restriction, allowing you to fully perform each style of push-up. This is key to chest development.

Muscle Development

As covered above, the Perfect Pushup encourages better chest development through a less restricted range of motion. However, there a few more muscular benefits.

While you can use more core muscles to compensate for your upper body and “cheat” on your standard push-ups, the grip of the Perfect Pushup takes the focus off the core and puts it where it should be—the upper body. You’ll feel and see the difference in your upper arms and shoulders.

Joint Health

When your hands are planted firmly on the ground during a standard push-up, your wrists are not only pronated, they’re immobilized. This inhibits the natural motions your body attempts to perform throughout the push-up. Your body still tries to rotate the shoulder joint to transfer the load but isn’t able to. Your body is essentially working against itself. Think of the restriction of the standard push-up like trying to pry the tire off your car instead of letting it spin.

The Perfect Pushup rotation allows your joints to move naturally, in tune with how your body was designed. This helps prevent lingering injuries that can hold you back from your potential.

How to Use the Perfect Pushup

Because it is a bit of a departure from the standard push-up you may be wondering how to make sure you maximize your Perfect Pushup workout. There are one or two things to keep in mind that will you master the transition to the Perfect Pushup and reap the benefits.

Proper Form

No matter if you’re performing a wider push-up to target chest or decide to move the Perfect Pushup grips closer together for a triceps-blasting narrow grip push-up, there are a few keys to keep in mind.

  • Keep your wrists straight – This will protect your wrists from injury as well as allow you to perform better push-ups. It can take a little while to get used to if you’ve spent a long time doing standard push-ups.
  • Rotate your wrists smoothly – As mentioned before, the rotating movement of the Perfect Pushup should be more natural for your body. Focus on rotating both hands smoothly and in unison.
  • Straighten your back – It can be a bit easier to fall out of form when using the Perfect Pushup. Because your hands are slightly elevated your lower back may sag downwards. Concentrate on keeping a flat back, especially at the bottom of the push-up.

Pushup Variations

One of the best things about the Perfect Pushup Elite is that it can be used to perform any type of push-up anywhere. Unless your form and balance is way off and you’re pushing the grips sideways, they will remain steady throughout your workout.

You can perform wide or narrow grip push-ups with the Perfect Pushup, as well as use the grips with your feet elevated. Even one-arm push-ups can be done, although this technique requires a fair bit of balance.

Weighted Pushups

Thanks to a sturdy design that can bear up to 400 pounds, the Perfect Pushup Elite is great for weighted training sessions. In our experience, whether using a weight vest or placing a weight plate on your upper back, the Perfect Pushup Elite still rotates smoothly and provides an excellent workout.

Does the Perfect Pushup Elite Deliver?

Although the Perfect Pushup Elite may be tricky for beginners and should probably be your second step once you’ve dialed in solid push-up form and developed some upper body strength, it absolutely follows through on what it advertises. It’s a workout enhancer that levels-up your home gym.

Perfect Pushup Results

It’s all about chest and shoulder results with the Perfect Pushup. You’ll feel the burn and see muscle development in your chest, especially the lower chest, where you put on the most mass. Shoulder definition and size were one of the biggest surprises for us. Because the stabilizer muscles in the shoulder are used to maintain form, your shoulders will begin to take on more of that “ripped” and toned appearance.

The Verdict

The final judgment of our Perfect Pushup Elite review? Well worth the price of admission! For a great price, the Perfect Pushup Elite can upgrade your push-up routine from a walk in the park to a devastating workout. Not to mention it’s portable, inexpensive, and can be tucked into a drawer when not in use.

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