Super Curl Bar Vs. EZ Curl Bar [Best Bar for Your Buck]

The Super Curl Bar is a variation of the curl bar that allows for even more versatility in your workouts than the EZ Curl Bar. Due to the U-shape at the center of the Super Curl Bar, you can hold the bar with a neutral grip (palms facing each other). This allows you to perform hammer curls, as well as several excellent triceps workouts, such as skull crushers, french presses, and close-grip bench press efficiently.

Super Curl Bar vs EZ Curl Bar

What’s the Difference Between an EZ Curl Bar and a Super Curl Bar?

The difference between these two curl bars is all in the shape. The EZ Curl Bar is a shallow ‘W’ shape so that both a close and wide grip are slightly angled. This shape is engineered to put less strain on the elbow joint during curls. The Super Curl Bar has a deep ‘U’ shape at the center of the bar, in addition to the angled shape. This allows for neutral grip movements that further reduce elbow strain during triceps exercises.

  • This EZ Curl Bar has the classic ‘W’ shape that allows for a comfortable grip during curls.
  • The Super Curl Bar features a U-shaped curve in the middle that provides the option for a neutral grip with your palms facing inward.
  • Both bars are about 47 inches long and weigh 12–19 pounds
  • Both curl bars are designed to be loaded with weight plates with 2-inch diameter center holes.

Besides the difference in the shape of the bar, the EZ Curl Bar and Super Curl Bar are very similar. Both bars commonly weigh 19 pounds (8.6 kilos), measure 47 inches long (1.2 meters), and are designed to be loaded with plates featuring 2-inch diameter center holes. This is the same type of plate that you would load onto a full-sized Olympic barbell.

What is an EZ Curl Bar Used For?

EZ Curl Bars are designed primarily to prevent injury during arm workouts. When curling with a straight barbell, increased strain is put on the elbow joint. This strain can lead to elbow pain and injury. By holding an EZ Curl Bar or Super Curl Bar at either of the angled portions, your grip is shifted so that the elbow is protected. While there is some basis to the idea that this angle does not work the biceps as fully as a straight bar, for most, protecting the elbow joint is worth the tradeoff.

  • EZ Curl and Super Curl bars are designed to prevent elbow injury during arm workouts.
  • The short length of a curl bar makes the weight easier to balance during specialized arm workouts such as the reverse curl, skull crusher, and triceps extension.

EZ Curl Bars also make safely performing (and advancing in) many arm workouts much simpler. A 7-foot barbell loaded with weights at either end is difficult to balance when performing a close-grip workout such as curls or triceps extensions. The curl bar allows you to safely manage heavy weight during arm workouts. To get the most out of arm workouts, use either an EZ Curl or Super Curl Bar.

Which EZ Curl Bar is Better: Super or Standard?

So, you’re convinced that using a curl bar is the best thing for your arm workouts, but should you go for the EZ Curl or the Super Curl? Or, if you’re looking to build out your home gym, which one is going to give you the most bar for your buck? Let’s examine the EZ Curl vs. the Super Curl head-to-head. Which is more versatile, which one provides a better workout, and which curl bar wins in the cost department?

Biceps Workouts

The Super Curl Bar might seem like a clear winner for biceps work because it combines angled grips for easy curling along with a U-shaped grip that allows you to perform hammer curls. The EZ Curl Bar can’t compete, right? Not so fast. The ‘W’ shape of the EZ Curl Bar makes performing upright rows easier than with the Super Curl. Although rows are commonly thought of as back and shoulder exercises, upright rows provide a great biceps workout as well.

  • Both curl bars make standard- and reverse-grip curls safer than a straight bar.
  • The Super Curl Bar allows you to perform hammer curls, while an EZ Curl Bar does not.
  • The EZ Curl Bar is great for performing upright rows.

There’s no clear winner when it comes to working the biceps. Both curl bars are fantastic for this purpose. Either one will protect your elbow joint during curls in a way a straight bar will not.

Triceps Workouts

Here’s where the Super Curl Bar asserts its dominance. The unique ‘U’ shape at the center of the bar allows you to grip the bar with your palms facing each other. This is the most comfortable and stable position for several triceps workouts, including skull crushers, french press, and close-grip bench. With this secure grip, you’ll be able to advance faster, breaking through plateaus in your triceps workouts and building more muscle.

  • The Super Curl Bar allows for a neutral grip, which enables you to perform triceps-specific workouts with more stability and less risk of injury.
  • The neutral grip of the Super Curl Bar is great for Skullcrushers, Close-Grip Bench Press, and Standing French Press.
  • Essentially, the Super Curl Bar combines the benefits of an EZ Curl Bar with the pluses of this triceps bar.

If you invest in a Super Curl Bar, you’ll get most of the advantages of an EZ curl bar, plus the benefits of a triceps bar. This essentially means you can replace two specialized pieces of gym equipment with one Super Curl Bar.

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Better Workout

Due to the ability to use a wider variety of grips with a Super Curl Bar, you can perform exercises in several different ways. Using different grips activates different biceps heads and allows you to fully engage your triceps muscles. For this reason, the Super Curl Bar, when used correctly, can provide a more complete workout.

  • The Super EZ Curl Bar allows for more grips, providing activation of the biceps heads and triceps muscle.
  • The EZ Curl Bar allows for close- and wide-grip curls, but does not offer the neutral grip. This means you may miss out on total muscle activation.

The EZ Curl Bar is no slouch. By curling with a close or wide grip you can target either the long or short biceps head. However, the Super Curl Bar allows both these grips, plus the neutral grip position. To really obtain the most from any curl bar, remember to use a variety of grips to develop your muscles to their fullest potential.


The cost of the EZ Curl Bar and Super Curl Bar can differ significantly. EZ Curl Bars are more common and are made by a wide variety of manufacturers. Often, you can find a great EZ Curl Bar at a budget. Super Curl Bars are rarer and often come with a higher price tag.

  • This EZ Curl Bar sized for Olympic weights is a great choice on a budget.
  • The Olympic weight-sized Super Curl Bar is typically more expensive than the EZ Curl.
  • Budget versions of both the EZ Curl Bar and Super Curl Bar can be found, but they are often sized for dumbbell weight plates.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you are looking to build a home gym on a budget, or if you have adjustable dumbbells featuring weights with 1-inch diameter center holes, you can find low-cost alternatives to an Olympic curl bar. This Super Curl Bar for 1-inch plates is less expensive than the version sized for Olympic plates.

Verdict: Should You Use an EZ Curl Bar or a Super Curl Bar?

When it comes down to it, the Super Curl Bar provides a better ability to safely and comfortably perform triceps exercises than the EZ Curl Bar. Thanks to this versatility, you can get a better arm workout. So, in terms of pure workout logic, go with the Super Curl Bar when you have the choice.

  • The Super Curl Bar is a better piece of equipment for triceps workouts, making it the superior arm exercise tool.
  • The EZ Curl Bar is less expensive, making it the budget choice.

The EZ Curl Bar is no slouch. It’s a great arm workout tool and it has the benefit of being cheaper than a Super Curl Bar. If you’re building your own gym on a small budget, you won’t go wrong by adding an EZ Curl Bar.

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