Will Walking 3 Miles a Day Help Lose Belly Fat?

Walking three miles per day can help you lose fat in all areas, including your belly. In fact, if you combine walking with a balanced diet, you can lose up to half a pound per week by walking three miles each day. This weight loss plan does not require any special equipment and does not involve high-intensity workouts. So, three-mile walks are a great way to trim belly fat and build your overall health and fitness.

Will walking 3 miles a day help lose belly fat?

How Does Walking Three Miles Reduce Belly Fat?

Walking is a low-impact aerobic activity that can help burn calories. When it comes to weight loss, walking three miles per day can help burn calories and lead to a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. Once your body is in a calorie deficit, it will start to break down fat for energy. This results in fat loss. So, walking can reduce belly fat.

  • Walking can help you burn fat without losing muscle.
  • Burning calories by walking—combined with a healthy diet—causes your body to transform stored fat into energy.
  • As you lose fat throughout your body, you will begin to lose belly fat.

The benefits of walking don’t end with weight loss. Walking can help improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Plus, it’s a great idea to begin your fitness journey by walking. It will gradually train your endurance for whatever fitness challenge you decide to take on next.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking 3 Miles per Day?

Walking three miles in one hour burns 270 calories for a 180-pound person. This means that walking three miles every day burns over 1,800 calories each week. This is enough calories to cause you to lose ½-pound each week, as long as you combine your walking routine with a healthy diet. If you stick to your schedule, walking 3 miles per day can help you lose up to 25 pounds in a year. That will translate to fat loss in several areas, including your belly.

  • Depending on your weight, walking 3 miles in 1 hour burns 150 to 230 calories.
  • The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn by walking.
  • Walking at a faster speed, uphill, or for longer distances will burn even more calories.

The number of calories you burn while walking depends on your weight. The more you weigh, the more calories you burn while walking. A person weighing 205 pounds can burn 307 calories by walking three miles in one hour. Walking on paths with inclines or hills burns even more calories per hour.

Walking vs. HIIT and Resistance Training for Belly Fat

When it comes to losing belly fat, walking is a good exercise, but not the best tool for the job. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest or low-intensity exercise. This type of exercise has also been shown to increase metabolism and burn more calories compared to walking, especially after you’re done working out. So, HIIT is a great choice for burning belly fat.

  • Walking burns 150–300 calories per hour.
  • HIIT burns 495–780 calories per hour.
  • Resistance training burns 180 to 290 calories per hour.

Resistance training burns about the same number of calories per hour as walking. Resistance training involves using weights or bodyweight exercises to build muscle. So, if you skip the gym you’ll burn about the same number of calories by going for a brisk, three-mile walk.

Are 3-Mile Walks Good for Burning Belly Fat?

Walking three miles a day can be a great way to start losing weight and may help with belly fat loss. However, it may not be as effective as other forms of exercise in targeting belly fat specifically. A combination of walking, HIIT, and resistance training will encourage weight loss and build your overall fitness.

Walking is an excellent place to begin your health journey. By pairing daily three-mile-long walks with a healthy diet, you’ll kickstart fat loss and start to build your fitness. Then, you can begin to add other exercises as necessary to get rid of that last bit of belly fat.

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